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Kentaro Chiba

Chiba is an artist of distinct vision, with a tireless dedication to a project 'Life Scroll', which he began in 1992, every day adding to the scroll so that it has already achieved 11 meters in length and documents and expresses the personal transitions which he has experienced over the years. Chiba has exhibited widely and his works have been included in the Liverpool Biennale among other international festivals and exhibitions.

Chiba is also an art teacher who teaches, researches and encourages creative educational project planning, as well as an art director at the Gallery Ginza Art Lab planning exhibitions and supporting international art projects.



Emma Ota

Ota is a curator and researcher based in Tokyo. Her practices focus upon media arts and international exchange. She has worked for the media arts organization Trampoline, based in Germany and the UK and co-curated the Radiator Festival for Art and Technology in 2005. Also in this year she initiated the project Traversing Territories, fostering collaboration between students and young artists in Japan and the UK (which has since continued annually). In 2006 she established the project Dislocate for art, technology and locality which brings together international artists and experts in the discussion and debate of the role of new media in relation to our surrounding environment.

Ota is guest curator at Ginza Art Lab, an independent artist run space and was also co-curator of Space Rabi Adesso, Koenji in 2008. Ota is highly concerned with promoting international cross-cultural communication between children and is co-founder of Inter-play,  wishing to promote collaborative workshops and projects between children in Japan and other countries around the world.